Allied Business Group Grows To Include New Services

April 2013 | Kansas City Business Journal | James Dornbrook       Download PDF      Print

Allied Business Group added new dispute consulting and due diligence practices, and is increasing its office space to accommodate the growth of its overall business.

The Overland Park-based investment banking firm is adding 1,000 square feet to its Overland Park office at 7007 College Blvd., Suite 400. It also hired four employees to provide the new services and help the business keep up with growing demand for mergers-and-acquisitions assistance and valuation advisory services.

Allied had a busy December, completing the sale of three client businesses. Company founder and managing director Tim Skarda said 2013 is off to an even busier start.

"Many business owners in the U.S. are near or past the retirement age, and they put off retirement when the recession hit," Skarda said. "Companies have regained stability since the downturn, and many of these owners are ready to sell. In response to new tax changes and health care regulations, many owners are also rethinking their long-term strategies and need advice on how to manage these challenges."

The new dispute consulting and due diligence practice will add even more activity at Allied Business Group, providing experts to work with lawyers involved in a wide variety of business related disputes.

"When private equity firms acquire a company, they do due diligence to make sure financial records have been accurately recording the company's performance and the financial statements are following GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)," Skarda said.

"On the dispute consulting and litigation support side, we're providing financial expertise, typically to attorneys in litigation matters. It could be a shareholder dispute or a fraud case involving economic damages. They want someone to do an analysis and provide independent expert advice or testimony."