Dispute Consulting For Economic Damages Case

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A jewelry retailer sued the management group of a retail complex for millions in economic damages because the management group would not allow the retailer to assume the lease of another retailer in the same complex. Additionally, the jewelry retailer sued its fellow retailer for economic damages due to not fulfilling their agreement to assign the lease for their retail space.


Allied Business Group was co-engaged by the law firms that represented the management group of the retail complex and the retailer which agreed to assign its lease to provide a detailed report showing our calculation of the amount of the economic damages. Additionally, we were requested to scrutinize the opposing party's calculation of economic damages and provide a written analysis of the opposing party's report. We also drafted cross-examination questions for our client to use in trial, as well as exhibits for our client to use in our direct examinations.


With a significant discrepancy between each party's estimates of economic damages, the parties were unable to settle and thus went to trial. We were deposed and required to testify as an expert witness for our clients. During trial we successfully defended our report and thoroughly discredited the opposing party's report. Between our expert witness testimony and our client's exceptional defense, the court gave a verdict in our client's favor.